BittLend is a digital crypto currency designed to facilitate quick and cashless transactions. It is a new age concept that enables you to conduct digital transactions through your online wallet. The application is designed in a user friendly manner with a focus on transactional activities like Transfer of funds, Payments, lending, staking, mortgaging, buy-back process etc.

To buy BittLend, you need to first deposit Bitcoin in your Bitcoin Wallet on BTL Exchange, then you can buy BittLend on BTL Exchange.

No, BittLend allows only one account per person. There are strict rules against having multiple account in our system and if identified more than one account of any member, he / she will be blocked and not only all the investments will be confiscated but also no refund will be provided.

The minimum Lending amount is only $50 and the maximum is unlimited.

Yes. You can make additional investment any time you want. There is a minimum interval of 24 hours between each request.

Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account. Your referral details will be visible on your dashboard.

It will be added every 24 hours after your lending transaction gets approved. All lending transactions will be treated separately for interest payments.

BittLend offers the unique opportunity to Mortgage your BTL holdings and avail 75% loan equivalent to Bitcoin value in the form of bitcoins. The interest charged on this would be 15% per annum and you can utilize these Bitcoins for other transactional purpose. While you are doing your transactions through BTC availed, your mortgaged crypto money will keep appreciating, thereby offering you an UNIQUE benefit of earning exponential profit.

Mortgage programme will start from August 2018

BittLend offers several key benefits to the investors, buy back guarantee is one of them. It is an instant liquidity option where your BTL shares can be easily bought back by the company any time. This opportunity will be available from June 2018.